Holy Monastery of Saint Nektarios - Trikorfo Fokidos Greece
Catacombs of the Monastery

In 1995 another important section of the monastery was built and that is our cemetery, which is in the form of ancient catacombs. As we know the catacombs were the cemeteries of the first Christians; meaning the burial place were the Christians would bury their dead; martyrs of the first Christian years and thousands were tortured even until death for the love of Christ were also buried in the catacombs.

The sisters worked long and hard due to the fact that we all had to study the plans carefully so we could make use of the area that was needed for the catacombs.

This was our first step towards building the catacombs. We then gathered all the information that was needed to adorn the catacombs such as the first Christian symbols and wall paintings with themes that the first Christians themselves loved to paint.

Apart from being the cemetery of our monastery, the catacombs were built as a spiritual offering to the world, because the sisters wanted to re-live in their hearts and in the heart of all who have visited these catacombs, the real life of the first Christian martyrs.

Towards the end of the journey of the catacombs, a heavy stone door shuts behind us, but the hearts of all who have visited these catacombs have been greatly touched, with gratitude to God for being what we are, Orthodox Christians and with zeal above all to resemble the martyrs. Those who were driven away and greatly tortured and gave up their lives with joy for the love of Christ.