Holy Monastery of Saint Nektarios - Trikorfo Fokidos Greece
A few Words About our Monastery.

On the way to beautiful Dorida , towards the end of the province of Fokida and on a beautiful hillside before the village of Trikorfo is our monastery of Saint Nektarios and Saint Fanourios. We first arrived here in September 1991 to begin our spiritual struggle for the salvation of our souls and to struggle to build our monastery. Just another defender of Orthodoxy and another spiritual source of strength.

The monastery of Saint Nektarios was founded in 1991 by our Geronda, Hieromonk Nektarios Moulatsiotis. When the first nuns arrived here the area was very harsh but with Gods help and the help of the saints it has been transformed into a small paradise.

Our every day life is a struggle, both bodily and spiritually; having literally nothing, with much pain and hard work we began building our monastery. Our needs were many. There are 16 sisters in this family; All monasteries are composed on love and warmth, just like every family is, so one can imagine what is needed for our everyday life but even more for our needs to keep building our monastery, which has begun but yet still has a very long way to go.

When the first sisters arrived here, life was quite hard. We had a small trailer home built with three cells and a very small interior chapel. Surrounding us were only the beautiful mountains of Dorida and in the distance the Patraikos Gulf. We didn't have electricity in the beginning, we didn't have water supplies and of course no telephone….After our morning church services each sister would begin to gather things that were needed for the day; one sister would bring water from a near by well, another sister would have to chop wood for the fireplace, another sister would make incense which was our first ever obedience. It was our only source of income in those days and we lived by selling some incense. Those days were hard but with the help of God the days went by filled with His love which comforted us and gave us strength. At dusk, when the day of God was coming to an end, we would all gather for vespers. Then we would begin our prayer rule and our spiritual reading having only light from our kantilia and with candles.

With the blessing of our Saint we grew in number and as of this day we are 16 in total.

We added to our diakonima of incense making, a candle making area, our sewing room, our bee hives, iconography, hand made church items, hand made lampadas for Pascha, making komboskinia (prayer ropes), we also have animals(chickens, sheep and cows). We also publish our yearly calendar and a bi-monthly magazine called "Monastic Expression" and other books and magazines as well.

Apart from our daily diakonimata we grow a variety of vegetables, we have planted many fruit trees and from cow's milk we make our own yogurt, Gouda cheese, Emmenthal cheese, Parmesan cheese, Kefalograviera, Fromag Blanc and many others. We not only have our indoor diakonimata but we also attend many religious festivals located in Athens and we sell many of our products from morning till night, under the protection of God and of our Saints.

We glorify God for giving us the greatest gift , and made us worthy to live this beautiful monastic life which begins early in the morning with prayer and ends late at night with prayer because our goal and our purpose for being here is our encounter with God, so we can talk with Him, to learn of His will, to be united with Him but to also unite others who are in need, who ask us to pray and we humbly do, sending our prayers to God and the requests of many who visit our Saints and ask for their help and intercessions before the throne of God.